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ChillBilly   Back doing guild reviews. How are things going for Alatreon?
Hestia M  Excellent :) How's it going for you?
ChillBilly   It's going good! We are having a great bit of fun in PVP. Sorry for the absence on ESF, with launch and everything it's been really busy. Which is a good thing I suppose.
Hestia M  No problem
Hestia M  Forgets-To-Hunt
Hestia M  Alatreon Recaptures Fort Rayles! Part #1
Alatreon Recaptures Fort Rayles! Part #1
Watch the second part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQUucY...
Vortalis   I got chalman for us today and then rayles went down about 20m later and the defense was very...meh. Then I had to go to work. GLAD WE GOT IT BACK!
Hestia M  Yay :)
Vortalis   My router just died forsome cruel reason. Ill have to pick one up tomorrow. I blame your video of you flying...it killed my router
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Hestia M  LOL damn. Well, I hope you come back soon! We need your scaly heals. :)
Vortalis   bought one first thing this morning. NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM ESO
Hestia M  There better not be!
Hestia M  The Elder Scrolls Online: I Believe I Can Fly [link]
The Elder Scrolls Online: I Believe I Can Fly
Music: I Believe I Can Fly by R.Kelly Website: http://www.al...
Hestia M  The Elder Scrolls Online - Alatreon's First Keep [link]
The Elder Scrolls Online - Alatreon's First Keep
Our very first capture, the Chalman Keep in the Chrysamere c...
Hestia M  Waiting for the profile cover feature on Enjin. :)
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Hestia M  Love is a game like you and I
Hestia M  Around the World
Daft Punk - Around The World
Official video for Daft Punk's "Around The World" from the a...
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Hestia M  Very proud of the excellent QUALITY members Alatreon has in our TESO chapter. :)
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Xalar   Much impressed. So fabulous
Jukey   Aaahhh!!! Stuck @ work again u Gus can't quit till I get home ttyl
Jukey   I phone data ftw ;)
Hestia M  T-T
Hestia M  Wildstar Character Creation - Exile Human [link]
Wildstar Character Creation - Exile Human
This is the character creation for the Human race in the Exi...
Hestia M  WildStar Character Creation [link]
WildStar Character Creation
Character customization for the upcoming MMORPG WildStar. De...
Hestia M  T-T
Elder Scrolls Online - Main Menu & Soundtrack (30 min)
So, the NDA has been lifted! I can't wait for this game to c...
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Wolfhidn   nice
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