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Star Wars The Old Republic, The Ebon...
Star Wars The Old Republic, The Ebon...
Star Wars The Old Republic, The Ebon...
Star Wars The Old Republic, The Ebon...
Star Wars The Old Republic, The Ebon...
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Beyond Earth Takes Civilization to the Stars
But the future refused to change. Humanity's childhood has ended, the cradle of Earth abandoned so that we can find ourselves among the stars. As its name suggests, Sid Meier's Civ...
TiVO   Baseball!
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Stripped Trailer
http://www.strippedfilm.com ] STRIPPED is a feature document...
TiVO   There was a sale on GOG a good while ago on all the old Forgotten Realms games. I purchases a good chunk of 'em, since I'd never played them and have heard so many good things about them. I'm finally getting around to trying them out now, starting with Baldur's Gate. And wow, do you die a lot in that game, or what?!
TiVO   *purchased
TiVO   Since the majority of the games I play are some sort of RPG, I found this particularly interesting to watch. It also helps me understand why playing TOR, for instance, doesn't scratch my Final Fantasy itch.
Western & Japanese RPGs (Part 2) | Extra Credits
The official website for the Extra Credits web show, as seen on Penny Arcade TV (PATV) and ScrewAttack. Join us every week as we take a deeper look at games; how they are made, wha...
TiVO   Stumbled across this today, and really enjoying it so far.
★ Epic Oriental Dubstep Mix!!!
As promised, here is part 2 of my oriental dubstep series. T...
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Muppets Most Wanted - Outrage
Fans across the internet are outraged that Muppets Most Want...
TiVO   Worked up the nerve to jump into some Imp-side RP last night with some guildies. The wife was right, it really helps to have an "agenda" for your character. Proud to say I only experienced a brief tinge of nerves before it started. Now I'm wantin' more, too bad the guild weekly RP night happens during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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DemureDiva   Music to my ears!
Ismene   This gives me an idea....
TiVO   Okay, I'm intrigued. (Be sure to watch the entire series, it gets more intriguing with each video.)
Everquest: Next - Races, Characters and Weapons explained(Fi...
More information (and a first look!) at the races characters...
TiVO   Booyeah!!!! I was gonna support this when I heard about the Kickstarter campaign, but by the time I heard about it, it had already blown past its goal. Can't believe this is actually happening! It's almost as shiny as when Firefly got a movie!
Veronica Mars - Theatrical Trailer (In Select Theaters: Marc...
The official theatrical trailer for the Veronica Mars movie....
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Callonedain   Do you like Veronica Mars or just Kristen Bell? :p
TiVO   I'm actually a fan of the show, it's really good.
TiVO   Patience paid off, and with the exception of a couple raid nights and one or two Gree runs on Ky-an, I have been playing XCOM Enemy Within almost exclusively since Christmas. LOVE this game!
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TiVO   Make it so.
Star Trek christmas song Make It So
A great video composition from Star Trek clips to create thi...
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Ismene   This is great :d
DemureDiva   I'm so tempted to log into TOR while you're at work! x-}
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TiVO   I've got no problem with that! :-D
DemureDiva   D:

...seems about right. What do you think?
5 Reasons the Video Game Industry Is About to Crash
No one loves naysaying more than gamers: Everything that happens is the "worst ever" or the "beginning of the end" of a series. Well, I'm here to tell you that those people might b...
TiVO   "The result of all of this isn't that games are going away -- it's just that the industry may look very different a few years from now. That might not be a bad thing."
DemureDiva   Otay. I feel bettur.
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THE HOBBIT (10 Guaranteed Improvements)
If you are Peter Jackson, we are available as consultants fo...
DemureDiva   -___________________________________-
Squeezer   Oh man the dwarves' cover of "Beat It" had me in tears.
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