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Ecati   Taking a foreign-language class this semester, end of the first week and I feel like a total dunce O.o So much work!
Ecati   Just got back from watching the Puss in Boots movie. I had been planning to change my avatar, Just couldn't find a suitable replacement for Nyan Cat, but I finally have :)
Noahdeer   Nyan
Nyan Cat 10 hours HD 720p
STILL PROCESSING Longest 1080p HD video on YouTube =) Larges...
Xennshi   bwahaha poptart cat!
Aqusinna   No way thats the nyanicorn!!!!!

PiperJane   because of you i want to create a twink and try to pvp! just so ya know that will be my next goal lol! did GB arena and LOVED it / but only once lol! now I ant a lvl 40 twink;) will need your help though!
Aqusinna   When do we get pics of the legend?
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Ecati   Behold! Pictures at last!
celebrian   I love PVP with Ecati, and watching him almost die.
Ecati   When I die, I die ALL THE WAY! It's usually to much work, so I avoid dying altogether :p
PiperJane   how cute!
Vizu   Don't mind me, Ecati, just vandalizing your wall.
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