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DRG Omnipotent   BYE everybody . im O-U-T
DRG Omnipotent   " One night a girl called me and said come over no one is home, so I went over and there was nobody home" -.-
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DRG Deerfunky   Come back, ya jack wagon
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DRG Omnipotent   IVE RETURNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DRGSPOON851   AND THE LEGEND RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DRG Snips   I'm looking foward to join the griff ball team but it is up to you if I can join so can you post on my page the details thx and have a nice day.
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drg mightycomet   hi
Bryanstien   do you have a partner for the swat doubles tournament? Cause i need a partner
DRG Omnipotent   Well deerfunky asked me to join him in one of the torneys but i dont now which ill ask though
Bryanstien   ok cool just let me know
DRG Fork   i am interested in joining the DRG Grifball team (as you already know)
DRG Omnipotent   Being apart of DRG is pretttty incredible
DRG Deerfunky   I popped your wall cherry.
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DRG Omnipotent   mmmmmmmmm.......
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