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Precision timing like a ninja, or a dingo
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-=BLOOD=- Mad Max   ok...seems some one is trying sneak in....

ill fix it.
Kangaroo   ok
-=BLOOD=- Mad Max   umm...hi poss... dude, u already join the web site ,.... :)

why u applying again for ? i checked ur names in in members..... silly lol :)

can u send a pm to me, or reply here why u applied, thanks....

go to web site, click members....ur name is in there....

anyhoo... cya on the flip side :)
Kangaroo   I haven't tried to apply again
¦RC¦ ~RockinAngeLX~   Hi Possum... Welcome to [link] . Happy 2 have you with us.:)
¦RC¦ ~ g0dd0g~   HAAArrr000??? hey :d
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Kangaroo   Hey
-=BLOOD=- Dracula   :)
-=BLOOD=- Dracula   hello
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Kangaroo   Hey
Kangaroo   ty
-=BLOOD=- Nanashi   like ur picture :d
Kangaroo   hi guys
{BsK} Lego Slaper   hello :)
|GoW| SiDeKiCk   hey bru
Kangaroo   Thanks for letting me in clan guys
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