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They seek him here, they see him there. Those policemen seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damn illusive Sha-a-dow
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neatos   So baby number 3 is arriving tomorrow,no sleep for a while and not even battlefield related lol,but if he's as great as he's brothers it will be well worth it,much love guys
G I JOE05   is everything okai mate?
G I JOE05   ye okai mate well i hope everything gets sorted and if ya need to talk or whateva then give me a shout okai bud :thumb:
neatos   ok mate cheers buddy :thumb:
G I JOE05   i know this is probably a touchy subject but are you going to be greeting us with your presence tonight? :d
Hi :p
G I JOE05   she said thanks :d and coolio i dnw what time im on because of her soaps lol but will be on tho see you tonite hopefully :thumb:
neatos   just squared it with the missus (some might call it begging lol) so i will be on tonight mate.p.s soaps suk :-)
G I JOE05   yayyyy :p see you tonite (soaps do suck but i have no choice :( ) lol
G I JOE05   if you have made a new sig and dont know how to put it up then let me knw mate and ill e-mail you or sumink with all the details okai mate
neatos   yeah i made one,dont have a scooby how to put it up lol
G I JOE05   okai mate whats your e-mail and ill e-mail all the details on how to get it up okai mate
G I JOE05   i sent it too the one on your facebook okai mate
xl SkOrPiOn lx   Buy Dirt3,played Dirt 2 hours of fun, lots too do, if u like racing games, you will like this game!
ATotalScrewBall   Happy Birthday Buddy
WastingRambo P   happy birthday neatos have a great one buddy
xX Hotspur Xx   Hi m8, just a quick "hello" feel free to add me as a friend my xbox gt is
xX Hotspur Xx
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