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Reyana   Welcome to ATac, Syn :)
Synikal   Thank you Reyana :)
thedeathnote   your cat is on fire
Synikal   About time you came home fucker
Synikal   When/if servers are announced we will be co-ordinating SA/Nex to the same server. Along with the 5 other guilds we have been speaking with to create a skilled well rounded WvW experience. Bottom Line it will be posted for both guilds and ahead of time if at all possible.
kir44n   I have a question for you. Will Nexus and SA be getting together on Ventrilo to coordinate which server will be the homeserver for GW2, or will this be decided and put up on the guild websites so folks know which homeserver to choose? With pre-purchasing opening up next week, inquiring minds wish to know!
Israel   So did you get into a GW2 beta?
Synikal   no sir. just making sure everyone is as informed as possible. Its what I do for every game we tackle. Would be nice though
Meeleanna   hahhahaha
Synikal   you guys all suck
Meeleanna   nope
[NeX] Zen   Synikal sucks!
Zero   yup
Varium   N he likes little boyz in his van after school.
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