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CruddyHell   Cheers for the good matches on bf3
xX Hotspur Xx   Yeah likewise bro, good games
xX Hotspur Xx   I accepted your app bro so add me on Xbox xX Hotspur Xx And we'll have a few games :)
gamescrazy36   yes my gamescrazy has just went down says fatial error ;( why me
xX Hotspur Xx   Oh right bro i'll delete gamescrazy and add badcrazy
gamescrazy36   hi just to say starting diff profile badcrazy still use gamescrazy but not much more badcrazy just to let you know ok
xX Hotspur Xx   yeah no probs bro, is that your xbox GT?
whitey71uk   Hello m8 paintball on the 4th August
Ring me on 07872899880
xX Hotspur Xx   Still waiting for the BF Beta
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Lucky Luxy   You and me both mate!
xX Hotspur Xx   Luka Modric is a little Cunt.....
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Lucky Luxy   Haha, you would get on with my mate John, I think I told you before he is a fellow Yid and he says exactly the same thing!
xX Hotspur Xx   Yeah little fucker looks like he's staying now tho...
snarlinghamster   Good on Spurs for sticking to their guns, chelsea have said they might not put another bid in now, still a couple of weeks left in the transfer window though.
mandowncarp   Hey, I'm probably being a muppett, but I can't seem to upload a pic for my sig - on the options when ipress img it just says(img).....am I don;t something really stoopid???
mandowncarp   Hey Hotspur - is there any chance you can set up a special rules game for next Friday (10th)? It's a rare extra night of gaming for me and quite fancy giving it a go! Have to unlock my defib in time....Vegas looks awesome - we are off for Flamable's stag do in three weeks there!!!
xX Hotspur Xx   Put some vegas pics on my profile
neatos   hey hotspur i got ruse for me birthday,fancy a game sometime?can you show me the ropes??
xX Hotspur Xx   Def i was hoping someone on site would get it. we can also co op against AI
neatos   hey mate i cant seem to chat for some reason,i just re submitted my application tho
ATotalScrewBall   Hi Buddy, see me last post on XBL - maybe catch up with a friendly.
xX Hotspur Xx   Def that would be fun...
xX Hotspur Xx   Cant wait for Battlefield 3...
xX Hotspur Xx   Champions League we're avin a laugh...COYS
Xolo187   only thing chelsea can hang into lol
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