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IGotchaBro   Hey welcome to the guild!! :thumb:
black_angel1987   I am another leader here for PS4. Welcome to the dark side lol. If you have any question just ask. I am currently playing I the PS4 but from time to time I play on the xbox 360. Happy to have you here.
Assaultprodigy   Welcome to the Vanguardians. I'm one of the leaders of the Clan as well as a PS4 owner. Make sure to check out the forums. I look forward to gaming with you.
Assaultprodigy   You are going to have plenty of people to game with. We are current 60 strong on the PS4 side with over 50 active members
Malentar Cypress   Glad to hear that, in the mean time do you all have anybody still on ps3 since that's the console i have until i can get the ps4?
Assaultprodigy   We have a handfull of people on the PS3. Most of the PS users are on the PS4
Raxor Desnin(Zev)   FFS reply to me
Malentar Cypress   I never saw this man lol sorry
Alestar Vagen   Malentar...its been along time brother how have you been
Malentar Cypress   ups and downs, mostly downs, wbu man
Malentar Cypress   Alright so i've been pondering this idea recently so give me opinions, i'm thinking of making a guild for destiny or whatever they're going to call guilds lol. What do you all think?
Malentar Cypress   will do, thanks for the advice WLB, i appreciate it
5Tone   LOL...come in Mumble when I'm online man and I can give ya plenty of info/suggestions/help/opinions. BUT...the most important thing I am going to say is: Guild Leader= LAST one to fully level their character, works the hardest and takes NO credit...and is able/prepared to be pulled in 100 directions from their guild members and have LITTLE time for themself. SOUND like fun? Well, if so...then get that website UP, start building up the infrastructure needed to support your guild and start recruiting NOW. :)
Malentar Cypress   lol well i have a few friend's that plan on getting the game as well so if they're up for it i'm thinking of doing a oligarchy/democracy kind of thing so tat no ONE person has all the power you know? Plus it will lessen the stress on the said leader
Malentar Cypress   Pretty sure i just got to the wedding scene..... the one at Walter Frey's, yea i got something to say............ WHAT THE BLOODY WILDLING SPAWNING FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Macabri   hehe read the books and you'll be prepared. Still heart broken but more prepared for the HBO version.
Malentar Cypress   Quote of saturday night's party, "You know your bros for life when you run like motherfuckers from the cops in the same direction" lol
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Malentar Cypress   Sooooo just started watching Game of Thrones..... this show is awesome but morally messed up lol
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Malentar Cypress   I'm officially 19 aka one year closer to not having to hide my alcohol
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Jaina Sorak   Sorry I was away for your birthday Mal, hope it was awesome!
Malentar Cypress   Lol it's alright Jaina, so i'm guessing your back?
Malentar Cypress   Well i'll be getting a ps4 lol who's with me!?!?!?
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Raxor Desnin(Zev)   ME BIYATCH
Malentar Cypress   You're the Biyatch lol
Malentar Cypress   wow it's been a little shy of 6 months since I posted on here? That's embarrassing
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Raxor Desnin(Zev)   You should be ashamed of yourself, Mistah.
Malentar Cypress   Rax when am i EVER ashamed? lol
Malentar Cypress   Merry Christmas everybody!!!! :)
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Kero Noches   You too!!!
Macabri   You too mal havn't talked to you in ages. And don't listen to Saeva. Halo is f**** awsome :d
Malentar Cypress   I know I have it and hav beaten it lol had it before christmas
Malentar Cypress   Hmmmm so doesn't look like i'll make enough money in this first paycheck for halo 4, looks like i gotta sell some games or REALLY kiss up to the parents for whatever left i need
Drezelle Cythera   Don't bother getting it at all hehe
Malentar Cypress   :-O whaaaaaaaaaa
Macabri   So what's college like? I got about a year or just abit less until i head there myself
Malentar Cypress   you have an incredible amount of free time so you need to learn how to manage your time and you'll still have a good amount of hw and reading so be prepared. Apart from that it's pretty nice lol you meet a lot of people and it can be fun if you play your cards right.
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