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Cheven   21.12.12 tomorrow folks. You scared?
Badenov   Always.
Samf   Nope.
Znakharka   Hiya, how's you? I preordered GW2 by request from a friend, never played the first one but heard it's brill :d
Znakharka   I'm on Far Shiverpeaks, which server are you on? I'm level 38, trying not to rush as there's so much to explore :d
Cheven   Oh. I'm on Far Shiverpeaks myself acutally. Guess you go under the name off Znakharka?
Znakharka   Yes :d hahaha. My unique thingy is Znakharka.3860 so add me :d
Cheven   Anyone else for TSW?
Samf   Nope :o
Cheven   Are you sure?
Cheven   Anyone else hating Blizzard regarding the Diablo 3 patch changes?
Samf   What'd they do this time?
Cheven   Increasing repair costs, nerfing IAS (increase attack speed), nerfing DH even more. More specific: nether tentacles. D3 couldn't be more ruined with the AH as well. Fvucking unbelievable.
Babylon   A bit late since I've been away, but yes.
I hate the game.
Swampen   Hei :) varsler bare om at jeg kommer til å være litt afk :/ har 2 ukers kurs på jobben men skal komme stært tilbake når det er over :)
Cheven   Det går bra
Cheven   shared this link...
The Official Website for the HBO Series Game of Thrones | Se...
Please update your flash player... The Night Lands: Preview Sundays at 9 PM Aryra shares a secret with a Night's Watch recruit. Watch a preview of next weeks episode. Inside the Ep...
Cheven   So, what to people think about game of thrones or season two? Obviously you need to see it, if you haven't.
Cheven   shared this image...
Samf   awwww. D: *hugs*
Cheven   Haha.
Redcomet   Pokeeeeeee!
Znakharka   I hit 50 on Sunday, did first raid last night 'The Eternity Vault' and at 5/6 last boss we got to 3% so its deffo a kill this week :d Oh and joined a new guild
Hows things going for you?
Cheven   Doing fine actually. Reached level 50 four days ago and doing hardcore PvP at the moment. I'll probably look into PvE/raiding later.

So, done with WoW completely now?

Znakharka   No, taking a week's break this week as a few things have got to me... people lying when i'd rather they tell the truth. It's a game ffs but some people like to cause stress to others :(
I'm really liking the sw:tor community :d
Cheven   Too much SWTOR lately. Need a short break. Anyone else enjoying it?
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Cheven   Which server are you playing on Sam?
Znakharka   We're on Niman, EU. Charlie Foxtrot has its own guild there :d
Cheven   Cool. I'm on Bloodworthy with some friends.
Helena Swanslayer   Bon Anniversaire! C:
Cheven   Merci. ;P
Sketch   Wherever you are, happy birthday.
Cheven   Thanks alot.
Samf   Yes! Happy B-Day Cherry!
Cheven   I feel special.
kevin98770   ah
Samf   What happend?!
Cheven   Just removed a damage toenail. Can't wait for the anesthesia for fade out. No pain no gain, eh.
Samf   Eeeewww. Good luck with the pain. D:
Aaricia   Cut off the toe, problem solved. > w>
Cheven   You'd probably have to learn walking again, if you cut it off. ;P
Hayley - ElDiablo   Happy to see your joining me in SWTOR. Gonna have a right laugh :d
Cheven   Couldn't help myself by not joining you. Perfect opportunity to get know you better and your guild, as well alliance. :)
Znakharka   hey :) hows you?
Cheven   I'm good thanks. Saw you left CI, why? Don't need to answer it, if it's something personal.
Znakharka   Oh it's fine, I got fed up with a few things there but I'm loads happier now :d
Don't get me wrong there's lovely people in there, it was just leadership getting to me. I miss you though, what you upto these days?
Cheven   Working my butt off lately, with my new job. Not sure if I want to continue with WoW now or just wait for Guild Wars 2 release. Feel like I'm pretty much fed up with the whole WoW universe and need something new.

Miss you to and your excellent healing.

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