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KravenGaming   A logo I thought of before I went to bed last night.
Xyrenus   hmmm...
TKOxVegas   Looks like a trademark violation of GoW and Skull Candy lol
IGUESSYOULOST   You have 2 ranks lolol
KravenGaming   I've noticed awhile back, just didn't delete the private. It kinda makes me abnormal to others anyways.
Venomxite   LOL you have to see this.
KravenGaming   Lmao! This might be interesting, seeing how gangster snoop dogg is.
KravenGaming   Who here has Titanfall for the 360? Good job Bluepoint for a solid port that actually has good graphics for a 2005 console.
Venomxite   I have it for xbox one
MajDis4ster   Yeah, XO here too.
KravenGaming   Been way to busy throughout the week.
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Crackjuice   well look at you
KravenGaming   Done.
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Venomxite   Honestly the logo looks as ugly as hell.
TKO x Hellights   The quality got degraded. Can it be fixed?
KravenGaming   The thing is when I put it as a high quality, it gets this white matte around the logo. The only problem is I can't get rid of it unless I remove the white matte a bunch of times. If that makes sense.
KravenGaming   Something I did 2 days ago. Its a website layout example.
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TKOxVegas   That looks pretty cool :)
TKOxVegas   I talked to Hellights and he said that he's down to add playstation to the logo. He says that he has the template still so if we want to keep the same logo but add different text thats cool, or if you get creativity flowing through you like you always do, maybe you could make an even crazier one. Either way we got the go ahead :)
TKOxVegas   Also I would be very grateful if you made a kickass Battlefield Branch Pic :) preettyy pleaseee. Sorry i don't mean to be a bug or anything. No rush or anything.
KravenGaming   Cool I'll whip up some ideas, but if not Hellights can add Playstation. And yes I will do the Battlefield branch.
TKOxVegas   Thanks Kraven, you're the best bro :)
KravenGaming   Upcoming branch. Does anyone prefer this one than the one before?
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Xyrenus   i like it better
KravenGaming   Wow, never take laxative again. You'll be sitting in the bathroom for hours.
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KravenGaming   And the worst part is I had no toilet paper, so I had to use rags.
TKOxVegas   Thanks for sharing Kraven lol
KravenGaming   The feeling you get inside when your not alone but you're actually alone but you think your not alone. If only there was a cure for schizophrenia.
KravenGaming   Or complete utterly stupid
MajDis4ster   Tell your multiple personalities to stop arguing with each other.
KravenGaming   I've gone crazy! Put me down.
RaunchyDiaper   shared this video...
Minecraft Cows & Minecraft Cows & Minecraft Cows (Minecraft ...
Want your own Minecraft server? Check this out! http://gizmo...
RaunchyDiaper   HAHAHAHAHA seriously??
KravenGaming   No I'm joking. I was only being funny.
RaunchyDiaper   Are you sure? XD
KravenGaming   If you guys find a dopefish swimming around enjin on the admin page. He is derpy and will stare at you.
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KravenGaming   ....And my Mic is now dead.
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IRikez   Again Kraven? How many is that now?
KravenGaming   No no my mic is dead meaning battery was low. Had to charge it.
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