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-=BLOOD=- HBC   *, im from australia... And I got it from google. :)
-=BLOOD=- HBC   I can't access forums or chat or most stuff, can some one help me? :(
-=BLOOD=-Mast3rn00b   And... where did you get that squirrel????
-=BLOOD=-Mast3rn00b   So where are YOU from anywhoo????
-=BLOOD=- HBC   Ty, and hot dogs have no cheese, so tbbbbbbbbbb :p
¦RC¦ ~RockinAngeLX~   -=BLOOD=- WooT!!
¦RC¦ ~RockinAngeLX~   Hot Dog! :d
-=BLOOD=- HBC   Cheeeeessseeee burger :)
-=BLOOD=- HBC   cheeeseeeyyyy pop! :p
-=BLOOD=- HBC   lol >:o
-=BLOOD=- HBC   H=hayden B=brenner C=chase

H=heart B=break C=cid

H=hairy B=but C=crack
-=BLOOD=- HBC   or even better,....kangaroo sausage (which ive tasted and its yummy)
-=BLOOD=- HBC   hehe, if i use it on you i can have kangaroo pie ^^
Kangaroo   max u wanna hope we not on same team he gets infantry i take tanks or pi man with him then Ur stuffed lol
-=BLOOD=- HBC   If I could use it on bf1942, ide blow tanks up
With its 50cal rounnds. ^.^
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