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Fallen Nations is a Gaming Community that mainly focuses on Warcraft 3 and Minecraft. Devoted Staff and Dedicated players!
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Dr.ShotGun   Destroyer25 wishes to speak with you SirspamAlot, also he's going to update his Alternative Future.
SovietMonkey   Hey dude, how's things? Is the clan still active? It's been over a year, but I have recently returned to WC3 :d
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SirSpamAlot   Its going good. The clans still up, we gotta play a taf together soon :d
SovietMonkey   Yes! Shotgun invited me back to the clan, all my accounts were removed. I'm using name SovietMonkey as the last time. :d
Synister_   give me shotguns facebook
Dr.ShotGun   Atleast that way, you'll know what I really look like & that I'm not lieing about my Athletics. ^.^
Dr.ShotGun   Hey - Spam, I think I can trust you now - So Message me, If you want my Facebook.
thomasrfluffy   [link]
thomasrfluffy   weee-oooh weee-oooh WEEE-OOOH WEEE-OOOH!!!!
Synister_   Hey Spam I need to talk to you, either check to see if i'm Warcraft 3 or hit me up with a message.
DHG Valkyrie   SSA! Where you been? I've been trying to catch you on Warcraft for some time man. I can only go on every other weekend. I'll be on next weekend if you want to hang. Have a good one dude!
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DHG Valkyrie   Sounds good dude, I'll definitely shoot you a message next time I'm on. Can't wait to play Warcraft again with the old group of guys!
DHG Valkyrie   And btw congratulations on 230 users on the site... That's really awesome dude!
SirSpamAlot   Thanks and ya cant wait to see you again.
DHG Valkyrie   Hey SSA, its been a while how are things?
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DHG Valkyrie   Same I can't wait to get my comp back up in running, is UFN still living after all this time cus I want to play some TAF when I get on lol.
SirSpamAlot   yes it is and TAF is still great :d
DHG Valkyrie   Yeah I bet its been updated a lot since I've been on! can't wait to check it out dude
Atexur   Avalon Castle
Atexur   Avalon Courtyard :d
Dr.ShotGun   Ummm.. SirSpamAlot.. I really don't want to leave Clan-UFN, and most-likely will not.. I'm just wondering when you might re-populate Warcraft TFT, and not MineCraft D:
SirSpamAlot   yeah im working on fixing up UFN
Dr.ShotGun   Good to hear that SirSpamAlot. [ :d, Also remember to re-add me to Clan. ] (Hopefully a Shaman-Position, but Grunt/Peon will do.)
DHG Valkyrie   If I'm not in already I'll join back, and I remember you Shotgun, you were pretty chill. This is Cage_The_Monkey btw.
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