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When life gives you lemons, jump out of a tree, because that is what the elephant told me to do. -ultiseth
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ultiseth [Mike Halben]   I love the Walking Dead Comics. :p
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   One time when I was out running, a fly flew up my nose... Welp that's the end of THAT story.
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ultiseth [Mike Halben]   Restriction. No phone, no guitar, no laptop, and not allowed to buy new games... fantastic. :(
Shadow   Know the feeling bro.
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   Weather. Quit being bipolar!
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   Until I find someone who knows how to use and owns a scanner, I'll have to delay the PC Edition of Ultiseth Minecraft Adventures. Oh well. :p
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   I comment on peoples' walls to get back to my own page and stalk my next victim's page... And by victim, I mean a victim of my stalking-ish-ness... Whatever that means.
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ultiseth [Mike Halben]   A clean potato is a happy potato.
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i_luv_dogs   :d We are so similar in so many ways.....
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   Coming Soon; Ultiseth Minecraft Adventures Issue 1; Welcome to the Wilderness [PC EDITION]
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ultiseth [Mike Halben]   Red - Release the Panic [RECALIBRATED] coming in April. ;D
I can't wait.
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   I hate it when you're just walking and then all of a sudden, a brick wall runs into you and breaks seven of your bones...
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ultiseth [Mike Halben]   Savin' up dem points to get a nickname on D1G. ;D
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ultiseth [Mike Halben]   I went from Minecraft to Terraria to Starbound. Starbound is amazing, simply put.
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   Returns to Enjin.. 129 Notifications...
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   I must master the ways of the ninja!
Boroak   Sssssshhhhh One dose not openly talk about the Ninja ways <,< ^,^ >,> The walls have ears you know!
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   The Ways are eating my brain.
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   "Who are you to change this world? Silly boy. No one needs to hear your words. Let it go."
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   I've been looking for a way to bring you back to life. And if I could find a way, then I would bring you back tonight!
ultiseth [Mike Halben]   That last coment is from "Let It Die" :p
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