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cammokid   BLAZE :d my cousin finaly finished that sonic game
Chellbell9   Blaze im back speak to me
superpat17   Hello my lady

ssj3pikachu   da harro
cammokid   yo blaze long time nur see
Blaze the Cat   Are you low on minerals? Are you in need of diamonds? Do you have a silk touch pick axe? If so this is for you! This coming Friday, I will be hosting numerous ABBA rules Caving exhibitions! This is not only for those bucks, but for some plain old fun! The aim of the game is to collect as much minerals as you can! Excluding Iron. The winner keeps her/his minerals plus the others! You have 30 minutes to find as much as you can!

-Must have silk touch pick
-Can collect every mineral you see, except iron
-Allowed potions (good potions; Healing Pots, Regeneration, Speed, Night Vision and Fire Resistance. No damaging potions allowed)
-God allowed, but no fly
-Ingots found in dungeon chests, mine shaft chests and minecarts allowed, not iron obviously
-Can keep everything else you have except the minerals (Unless winner.) This means dungeon finds are allowed to be kept (Saddles, gun powder)

Point System
-Emeralds: 7 points
-Diamonds: 5 points
-Gold Ore: 3 points
-Iron Ore: Nil
-Lapis Lazuli: 1 point
-Redstone: 1 Point
-Gold ingots/Diamond Gems: 1 point

Allowing 4 players at a time, 2 hours of action.
Asking staff if it is allowed after time to check inventory
Will give 5 diamonds to anyone who can find newly generated caves that haven't being raided
Will be doing this from Friday

Hopefully I will see you there! :)
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FrOgeie/Rebel   Why except iron?
Blaze the Cat   Iron can be found levels upon levels, other stuff is a bit rarer to find
davepokemon   do it again with me
JOSHY   Welcome to RandomChat! :)
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Blaze the Cat   Thank you :)
KingBob12th   :d
Link Description
Blaze the Cat   =O Thank you Thank you! I must repay you! Thank you!
Blaze the Cat   Ill put it as my avitar shortly
Blaze the Cat   41 notifications.... Geez its good to be back! :) Yet tomo still beats me somehow.... :o
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Blaze the Cat   Meen
JOSHY   100 are probably from me. ;)
Blaze the Cat   Wot ._.
Toxic_Piglet   Hey blaze, why arent you coming on SS anymore lately?
Toxic_Piglet   Like the comment! ^
xXJemenyXx   Liked! TEEHEE
Toxic_Piglet   :evil:
Chris   I thought you were Mod on SC
Shinobi Craft
Blaze the Cat   Anyone know any good tag making program's? May get into the tag comp so....
scott2184   Try out GIMP. It's pretty much a free version of Photoshop. [link]
Wafloon 愛と尊敬   I use photoshop. It isn't free unless you know how to sail your pirate ship into the local bay ;)
mrnickkd   Or get a portable version from youtube XD
Blaze the Cat   3000 views! I feel so popular :)
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mrnickkd   I'm happy with my 80 views
chelsea10188   I got 222 today :d
Toxic_Piglet   got like 2k :p
Toxic_Piglet   Hey blaze, im gold now :d
Blaze the Cat   yay! Gold besties! :)
Toxic_Piglet   :d
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