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Ishidoro Schierke
Final Fantasy XIV, Masamune
Ishidoro Schierke   I left DW today I'd just like to say thanks for the fun guys was good and I hope you all do well in the future FC just got abit too big for me and didn't feel at home anymore. If anyone wants to stay in contact you're more than welcome to Msg me on game. Cya around.
Picoman   See you on the sever ^^
Ishidoro Schierke   46-50 LTW in 15 Minutes so broken.
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Ishidoro Schierke   This 1017 shit needs to be fixed NOW not later NOW seriously what the hell is wrong with them stop being cheap ass twats and buy some more server space just buy a shit ton more servers. Fix the problem don't just give me a free week of play.
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Arrietty   Yep. Welcome to 1 week ago :p
Ishidoro Schierke   One of the greatest songs ever made.
Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You"
Unrestricted Music Videos you can't find on other Social Net...
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Ishidoro Schierke   Just an FYI for people wanting to know what I will be doing in Early Access I will be going balls to the wall hardcore so sorry if I forget to reply to people. xD I will be full on zombie mode 3 day hardcore. 50 ARC INC.
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Master Vivi   Go ishi!
Ishidoro Schierke   Just finished watching the new Evil Dead holy shit what a movie O_O Amazing scared me a little in some stages and I never get scared at anything LOL.
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Mono   I watched it the other day. I was literally having nightmares over it. LOL
Ishidoro Schierke   Ye was pretty gruesome some points but a level of gore that's believable if you were chainsawing through someones skull. :d
Rhei Thibault   Ishi you HAVE TO TO SEE PACIFIC RIM!!
Ishidoro Schierke   Sweating my ass off 24/7 in the UK lately was like mental hot today I'd much rather have had rain tbh I hope this sun goes away soon or else I won't be playing Phase 4 screw sitting inside all day it's WAY to hot.
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Jenna Blossom   <
THUMBS UP FOR GUTS PIC!!! but that sucks bro
Ishidoro Schierke   Berserk bro it's the shit.
Rastia   YEAAAAH Berserk!! :d
Ishidoro Schierke   Not posted anything in a while so here's my all time favourite Jazz album. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue. Great stuff. 3rd track Blue in Green is a beauty, nice to sit down with a glass of whiskey and a smoke.
Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue [Album Completo]
http://www.facebook.com/redfiluruguay Miles Dewey Davis III ...
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Tenji   Sorry Ishi i logged out while u were writing something :(. I noticed u were saying to go a certain way to see a cool thing before i logged out. Anyway, first thing i'll do when i'm back is to climb that building and start exploring from there :d
Ishidoro Schierke   It's ok no problemo if you ever need any help or anything just send me a msg.
Seto   xixixixi :d
Seto   /poke
Ishidoro Schierke   Lol wtf.
Ishidoro Schierke   I wish I could get this excited about anything.
McDonald's Sponge Bob Japanese Commercial
ハッピーセット CM スポンジ・ボブ 「ハチャメチャびっくり」篇 McDonald's Sponge Bob Happy...
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Ishidoro Schierke   You gotta tell me which drugs you're taking Mono.
Mono   I'm high on life brosky :d
Or myself.... I can't decided which.
Mono   LOL... decided.
Ishidoro Schierke   On holiday be back June 16th. Have fun on P3! ^^
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Mere-chan   Have fun Ishi ^^
Jenna Blossom   Cheers man
Rhei Thibault   Have fun man!!
Arrietty   a friend of mine shared me this link and I thought of you: [link]
A new Final Fantasy IX side quest was discovered - Destructo...
Our Lord of Lords Jim Sterling considers Final Fantasy IX to be his favorite game in the series. I wish I could share in his exuberance -- though I own a physical copy of FFIX, I'v...
Ishidoro Schierke   Are you looking for the ultimate in Japanese Electro Funk?! Well look no further Jun Fukamachi has come to save your day. You'll be funkin out in no time! Mmmmmm baby that sweet groove.
Jun Fukamachi - Sea Horses
Upload mp3s @ http://www.mp32tube.com
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Jenna Blossom   This sounds so awesome Ishi!!
Rhei Thibault   very awesome
Ishidoro Schierke   New song, made this in a couple days just messing around when on mumble. Lol. Enjoy.
Track 2
Some Jazz-Hip-Hop Chill out.
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