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Plague The Ripper   were ya been man havnt seen u in a while
Nxt9   Do you play BF3...?

If so i am one of the Drill Sargent and would like to welcome you to the friendly fast-growing community of DoWG. ([link] this is new recruit info for your eyes only and ([link] for FAQ.
Your first wave of excitement is that you will be added to the (Shinsengumi) Platoon ([link] pound info where you will on a 1 month trial to see if you good enough to join your clan (only joking). You will be put on the month trial for you to know the people and to know you way around the community. As you have been approved to join the clan there is an unofficial welcome to the gang who you will be playing with and they will be taking your tags if you’re against them to welcome you in-game play, Its a tradition nowadays so consider it as a welcome committee ;).
Your first step that is important and to get the ball rolling is to make sure to add your Xbox officers who are active online and in game play; We have:

- FGC Col Rivera (DoWG GB Team Leader) US time
- NuttyLamb (DoWG FX Team Member, DoWG GB Manager) UK time
- RandomAlec (Team Leader)
- Nade (DoWG FX Manager, DoWG FX Team Member) UK time
- Nicdead (BF event manager, co-ops with col) UK time
- Fitterkeepfit (BF battle coordinator) UK time
- Smokeareefer (BF drill Sargent, co-ops with me) UK time
- and myself (BF drill Sergent) but I'm active only online atm.

now i ASSUME that you now got a hint on who does what on the BF division, so if you have any questions, complains, tips or whatever just send a pm to the person you know suitable to answer your questions. Don't be shy, don't hesitate because we are here to help you get along . Also don't forget to explore the site and forums, you be surprised what you can find....in other words, seek and you will find if you are looking for certain things

In addition before playing with the gang you MUST add your DoWG clan tags on battlelog as well as joining the DoWG platoon at the same time-located here ([link]
Last be not least there is Game ...
Sample   Frumpy girls make me sad...
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