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leronzadok   *le poke* hai c:
leronzadok   Post it!
jc199710   were have you gone once again nver see you on main any more
leronzadok   He's still on, late at night.
leronzadok   Post it.. Time is ticking
leronzadok   Don't forget to post it :)
jman7573   can u please look at my ban appeal
KingMark   Sorry, I'm no longer in a position to preside.
jc199710   well its about time lol
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jc199710   hello king ive been waiting to catch you online so i have not been working on frost because i dont want to do something with out your permission to do so.I understand you made me owner as well but its your town in the first place so i would like do something with you seeing it first
Danny   I still have the Palace you sold me almost (if not) a year ago :p
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FSUISBACK2011   i have my mansion you made me too <3
PinappleHD839 / Moon   Hi KingMark
jc199710   my ingame name is jc199710 thanks
jc199710   hi mark i would like to claim warp frost of of u.since your not on i would like to build on it and make it better with your permission can you make me owner.Its a wonderful peice of land its a shame to let it sit there thanks.
GACKT   One of the greatest members to ever walk on Minetown who built massive builds vanishes, he's now a legend on MT.
#PredSpread   Z0MG UR LOGGED IN
jalIaf.   -.- where are you mark..
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