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LDN you fucker
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pitsnipe   shared this image...
pitsnipe   NFL [link]
darth_blunted   I just can't pay for direct tv. Now if you already sub to it then it's good news
garmug^.^   hay pull my finger, Garmug98
djchu   You should mine stranger, when you coming back? we're all worried
pitsnipe   Or this one to boostup the killer [link]
Keltech Strikes Back (Darth the scratch champion) :)
imperial march remix,dj darth vader,like this video? checkou...
pitsnipe   DJ, Like the splash page!! This works for me, but this skould be the video From Darth [link]
darthbluntedone's YouTube Channel
garmug^.^   kind of lame music.....
darth_blunted   Lol no you didn't you got knifed!! Would have made a good video...
darth_blunted   Yo Pit, you could have rez'd me up!
pitsnipe   sorry dude. i got the blue dot beside you. i suck!!!
pitsnipe   Nuckles you must have a real new cheat laptop. Can’t even have a pick on the web site??
HArDNUCkL3S   there i posted one
garmug98   What the hell is up ?????
garmug^.^   Hay pull my finger......
bigal1972   Nice to put a face to the name. And i got to say ur one ugly bitch. lol
pitsnipe   is anyone killing?
pnetrw   Hi Pit, nice to put a face to the voice!
LisaPomegranate   tell me something?
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