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Acidflare666   How bout gears tonight you pick
BIRDMAN   i need you to get back to playing blops.... its time to get serious and start playing gb's
GoSu_Lee   Sup man! Just want to know, what PC games you play son?
ZS Sanctuarii   elsword, metal assault, Dungeon Fighters, Wow but not atm, then anything else that interests me.
OneShot Gojiraa   Is it weird that I was stalking you and you randomly appear online? Anyways, [link]
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ZS Sanctuarii   :d :d :d the cat can type
iToastMan   Your profile picture. It is awesome.
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ZS Sanctuarii   :d
ZS Sanctuarii   Squirtle squad :d
RedRobinX   noob
ZS Sanctuarii   >_> umad :d lolololz =^_^=
iToastMan   I come to your profile to say welcome and all I see are people commenting about genitalia. Awesome. Welcome to pubstars though. xD
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ZS Sanctuarii   yeah i think genitalia is big on my page :d lol
iToastMan   Hah. xD
OneShot Gojiraa   LALALALA
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Cornerscout   Vagina
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ZS Sanctuarii   :d
Dub Test Account   peniswrinkle
PicanteMaster   Penis
Dub Test Account   boobies
ZS Sanctuarii   :o dub you cant say that on the interwebzz
ZS Sanctuarii   RAGE!!! :d
Luckster   Your from Colonial Heights VA? Im from Prince George. lol.
Luckster   Yeah, lol right next to it.
ZS Sanctuarii   :d but hell I've never even heard of Colonial Heights or Prince George till i just google mapped it a few minute ago :d.
McEvil   Chesterfield here <--
Jst2 I SiLENT I   Hey we`re Skype buddies :)
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