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ATotalScrewBall   Yo Buddy, catch up soon, hopes yah ain't killing to many of them Zombies.
ablazejoe   Sounds good am playing BF1943 tonight hope to see you over the weekend
snarlinghamster   I really need to play some BFBC2, we haven't played a game for a while lads!
ATotalScrewBall   Hi Joe, was trying to get into match last night BFBC2 but server was saying full, hope you, Pav OBT and Dwarf had a good battle. Hopefully catch up soon.
ATotalScrewBall   Hi Joe buddy - Hammy's looking for Extra's (see his wall posts hee,hee)
snarlinghamster   Yeah - Nervousness and the cold tend to shrink things. At least thats my story..
snarlinghamster   Hello Joe!
ablazejoe   Hi Mark see you soon for some FPS
ATotalScrewBall   Yah did not demand satisfaction then cause of a blank wall
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