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xX Hotspur Xx   Alright bro if you submit a app ill get it approved asap for ya..cheers
ATOM1C ATOM   Who what where.
ATotalScrewBall   Morning Matey
Unisol Magic   Morning Si. Good job you didn't play BF last night. Got raped all night long. Lag and rubberbanding terrible.
ATotalScrewBall   Damn Man, what maps.
LadyHawk   Lol, diddumms ;-) *runs away* :d
ATotalScrewBall   Morning Buddy
ATotalScrewBall   Morning Buddy
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Unisol Magic   Hi Sam *Waves* back at yer.

Si - I wasn't any better. Probably much worse in fact. I felt I deserved to die every single time! 'kin useless. I seem to be playing either really good or very very bad recently. Must be the lag!
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ATotalScrewBall   Thinks we're trying to hard and agree with you we need to squad up and not rush off to try and base rape :lol:
LadyHawk   *Waves* oooh Andy, hello :)
ATotalScrewBall   Man I played S last night, suck all the way. Don't thinks I'll be on tonight need to get me act together and play a bit of ME2, then pop back on BFBC2 weekend maybe.
Unisol Magic   Hello Si. Good games at the weekend. Sorry to leave early last night. Wanted to watch that Universe program and get an early night. Good win on Atacama apart from missing Ace pin by 50 points - grrr.
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ATotalScrewBall   yeh was good fun, sucks about Ace pin matey
LadyHawk   Your having a laugh :d
ATotalScrewBall   Yo Uni, write something on yah walk.
snarlinghamster   I'm just having a scamper..no need to flinch!
LadyHawk   Morning Andy - I'm down for Left 4 Dead 2 tonight, so hopefully catch up with you over the weekend on the Battlefield :)
LadyHawk   I need to find a new one myself, hmmm *goes to google"
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