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Paelen   Howdy!
Kismet   So YOU'RE the reason I can't have the name Kismet... *narrow my eyes at you* I'll be watching you! Lol, jk. Just wanted to say hi to a fellow Kismet, I guess.
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Ambereth   haa! thought I was going crazy for a second. Hello *other Kismet* Welcome to Amity *this Kismet* xD
Kismet   Hiya Kismet! Tell ya what, message me if you see this post. Maybe we can work this out.
Kismet   Hello to all! :3
vanill4   *nods at Raevn*
*waves at Kismet*
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vanill4   (not sure if you're making a Yoko Ono joke... xD)

Well did indeed meet a Yoko in game and I invited her to join our guild. I guess she never applied on the forums. I lost contact with her ='(
Kismet   Heh, hard to tell with that name, isn't it? No, wasn't trying to make a joke. I hope you find her!
vanill4   Bah. Don't think I'll find her... hopefully she will be on Celestial Hills and will recognize our guild icon!
And thank you :)
Raevn   Welcome into the fold of friends... Amity! Hope you enjoy the company :d
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Kismet   Thank you! Looking forward to meeting you all when the servers are live again.
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