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Colonel Suave   bump fish:)
Jammylambo   WERE SAFE !!!!
Colonel Suave   :)
Jammylambo   are you hopefuly for west ham? im not so sure tbh !
xaviermcbumfish   Not at all, I reckon Judas is gonnaa get few goals and I've just read haidira is injured.
Jammylambo   colo is back it seems mind , maybe he will kick some people up the arse .
Syense   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
matthews2012(martin)   aye up lad take it easy with the ale,birthday boy
OldGamerNetwork   Have a great Happy Birthday xaviermcbumfish!!
xaviermcbumfish   Just finished downloading endgame and then the lass comes home and demands to watch Shitty hollyoaks. I'm gonna have to buy her a tv so I never have to watch that shot again
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Lesbian Jammer   To byker grove where you at bro? Got a server up and running, bout time we lesbianate some candy ass! :d
xaviermcbumfish   i know! i seen the server and people still use the M weapons! whos admin on it? should be on a fair bit this weekend aswell
Colonel Suave   Hey xavier :)
xaviermcbumfish   Alright!
TheGrizzlyGrump   Hey mate, new fall season on FraggedNation has just begun. Looking to get some training back up and running regular like, if your up for it still?
xaviermcbumfish   I will be just working nights at the moment tho
ZaneCloud   If you have a 4 gig or more usb flash drive, you might be able to backup some of that BF3 shiznizz onto it, therefore freeing up enough space for you Halo4 disc :) Hope it helps...
xaviermcbumfish   cheers
xaviermcbumfish   Let me know if you play battlefield on xbox and I will add you when i next go on.
Jammylambo   toon army !!!!! how do you reckon well do against brom tomorrow ? cant believe theres another magpie in grim !
Jammylambo   yeh i had a season ticket last season. also went to the 3-3 draw end of two seasons ago . the have a knck of working the crowd up with their playstyle , but this season they seem to be playing decent football so im slightly worried
xaviermcbumfish   That was horrible to watch but a win is a win!
Jammylambo   true . good to see cisse get some luck. thought he could have had 5 agaisnt brugge if luck was on his side , did eveything right. and then yestderday sameobi kicks the ball off him to get the goal . gonna need him agaisnt liverfool on sunday with ba injured.
Colonel Suave   Welcome mate :)
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