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TheAltercation   PANDA!!!! get some more friends on here man, everyone loves you as it is ;)
XEpicPandaX   Anarchy among friends?
XEpicPandaX   So tired, maybe I can sleep tonight
XEpicPandaX   Brain matter
TheAltercation   would u like to play?
XEpicPandaX   wait like 30 min kim might be on but im partyin with a few rsr right now
XEpicPandaX   American Idol then Touch be on @ 10 it's meh birthday so I'ma celebrating
XEpicPandaX   Can't concentrate
XEpicPandaX   getting owned in mercenary
TheAltercation   Happy to see you apply! can't wait to start playing with you again.
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