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Syndicate   your shit cunt
Church   why only 3.3ghz?
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LUtenant   helllloooo most poster guy on mjr forums.
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karm6041   he m8 just a reminder if you can sort out that little thing for me where it says You do not have sufficient access to view this page.
jim0wheel   Hey dude, I'm the author of that blog you linked to. Cheers for the shoutout!
Pwn5t4r   You're thanking me? That article was one of the funniest reviews of anything I've ever read. "Bullshit-spouting bellend", indeed!
jim0wheel   Haha that means a lot mate! I aim to please :)
And, yes, it's like Soap bought him a fucking Psychology 101 book for Christmas
Pwn5t4r   Out of interest, how did you know I'd linked to your site? Was there a traffic spike?
Knife   What about mine? Don't you love me anymore Rob?
fanboy   Hey Pwn5t4r, just wondering if you could make a signature for me. if you can. Cheers man.
Pwn5t4r   Thanks to Enjin for featuring our site! [link]
SoaB   haha i was in the process of fixing up the about page. scripting errors. and it changed lol was like wtf!
SoaB   u editing currently?
SoaB   and no despite that i do not want to 'tuts your barreh'
SoaB   i love u man.... i love you.... now how long will it be before you read this... :d
Pwn5t4r   <3 u too bro
Aus   oi go on steam
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