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Rogue Sprtan117   add me on xbox I want to see how you play
Lone x Onyx   This was on live news.
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darksaber519   this was just an epic fail on their part :d
SantaUndercover   It's real!!
Goatninja25   hahaha epic!!!
Banjurman   Hey dude welcome to TSF, my names Zbyylut and I'm also relatively new here but know most of the people here, and I gotta say that you chose the right place to go! Be sure that you can make it to Game Night every Friday and to send me a friend request also! Looking forward to gaming with you!
GUNNER e 11   Welcome to TSF, take a look around the website and introduce yourself on the forum. Friday Night is game night and that's the best time to meet a lot of the members. You can always message me if you have any questions. Follow me on twitter to stay up to date. @gunn3r11
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