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This is 2D Combat Engineer Platoon Webpage a Battlefield 3 / PS3 Team
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retrokidd26   whats up man, i dont know if u been gettin my check in wall post or anything, but ill be gettin my new ps3 this friday. imma need serious practice...lol
Gunny2013   Ok Man I still got you on the team!! Look forward to seeing you forward to playing with you again
bluestreaker249   It should be bluestreaker. If not not try it with 249 at the end. I had some problems when I was trying to sign up with it. Oh and I did a quick match search and it put me in your server and I saw the clan.
Gunny2013   Yep!!
dvlman14   ok site mission complete
badbutttuesday   my new name is roosterdip
ForceWarrior4532   awesome looking site
JSU_TANK   Hey great site to use
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