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ivXposeDvi   back to green booyyys :d hahah
ivXposeDvi   anyone ever wanna play bf3 and im playing diff game, just send me invite, chances are im just playing computers in madden or 2k
fader910   shared this image...
ivXposeDvi   must be kidding me ...
lll-OveRD☠zE-lll   yess jk !!!!!
kush   I still am wounder about this comment, was this a moment of Rage, lol
ivXposeDvi   i thnik i woke up that morning still drunk lol but i dont know if its about that or what it would be about hahaha
ivXposeDvi   got bF3 AGAIN !! see yall tonight aftyer work online :p
im back in business BOYS !!
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cold_steel357   how about that baltimore vs patriots game lol
ivXposeDvi   i feel sorry for both teams but im happy we got our win .. revenge is a dish best server cold.
ahah replacement refs are DISGUISTING !!
xChiTowns_Finest   happy b-day get it in kid haha
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cold_steel357   happy birthday big homie
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lll-OveRD☠zE-lll   happy bday EHHHH!!!
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ivXposeDvi   thanks dude
ivXposeDvi   hey yall, sorry bout the 2 day break, needed to get some stuff straightened in my life and my cable provider sucks anyways haha
ivXposeDvi   madden 13 !!!!
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ivXposeDvi   anyone have it ???!!!
ivXposeDvi   wont make it today, going to a place callled magic mountain and then working sorry guys .. saturday is not a day i can play on ps3 and such yall !
ivXposeDvi   remember new recruits to add your leaders and higher officers !!
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ivXposeDvi   good job rush team !!
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lll-OveRD☠zE-lll   Dafaq did I miss the rush match or u mean SR?
ivXposeDvi   squad rush sorry haha shoulda been more percise :p
cold_steel357   yo next time your on lets hit up some TDM or DOM and work on our spm
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ivXposeDvi   i invied ya but u just sat on ps3 main menu
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