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losing the fun in playing xbox
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TKO Grinch   Delete FG x Achilles from your friends list ASAP!
TKO KillThief   anything happen while ive been gone?
iIi Otaku iIi   site now has more ranks
IGUESSYOULOST   Hellights leads BOTH elite clans, Rich no longer Staff
TKO KillThief   you know what time of the year is it? football time. my season is starting to day and its about to crazy
TKO KillThief   everytime i log on i have the same 8 notifications
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TKO KillThief   fuck my xbox is messing up again so now i have to "compressed air" to clean and hope it works
TKO KillThief   so were purple now huh?
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TKO xX Rich ops   why you dont like it
TKO KillThief   its all futuristic too its pretty badass
TKO KillThief   what is the infection branch about?
IGUESSYOULOST   its for infected, zombies, and survival!
TKO KillThief   oh yea 2003 views
TKO KillThief   almost 2000 views! but anyone want to play league of legends?
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ll McNasty ll   I started to play about a week ago and was wondering wht person is good for killing people. I'm talking straight merk
TKO KillThief   well theere is fiddlesticks, warrick, teemo, master yi, annie,and a shit load of other characters
TKO KillThief   the site has changed alot! (in a good way)
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TKO KillThief   just voted and saw something amazing..we're in first place!
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TKO Grinch   yes! yes we are! :d
TKO KillThief   i think i have found herobrine...
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TKO KillThief   why are people messaging me saying they need my approval to join tko?
Xyrenus   idk.
TKO KillThief   ive look at other peoples profile who have got first place clan ops and if they won it more then once they got a x2 or something well i think ive won it 5 timmes and i think i deserve a x5 on mine
TKO KillThief   my old minecraft world to bad theres nothing left to do on it now....on to the next one!
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