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OutsCORYng You   +6 points for a total of 96 points
kenneth0077   +10 for 90
tC Osiris   Please remember to limit your requests for points through the website to ONE a day, thanks!
ALG Russia   +6 for 80
kenneth0077   +2 for 74, thats wat i got when i added you points up
xcmonstax v2   +15 for 100% achievment for completing WatW awarded by ALG Kenneth
xcmonstax v2   +6 points for being in ALG H a D e S Halo Reach lobby awarded by ALG Kenneth.
Buzzard_96   Welcome to ALG!
TheB4DG3R   +3 for 7 points total!
tC Osiris   Welcome to ALG!
Steedo12   Welcome to ALG!
elghost1986   welcome to ALG dude
oSkeeeeet   Welcome to ALG
TheB4DG3R   +4 for 4 points total! You only receive double points for recruits, and I cannot find your 8 sent. post.
xcmonstax v2   whats the 8 sent post thing?
xcmonstax v2   oh nvm its fine ig
TheB4DG3R   Also, Welcome to ALG!
A Mute Finale   Welcome To ALG!!!
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