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DrStankWang   Why can't a very large bag of unclaimed cash find it's way into my possession?
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keks24   Because destiny. o _o
DrStankWang   Halo 4...Yes.
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keks24   First play it like a boss, then you do grenade suicide orgy and then glitch. :>
DrStankWang   Lol I usually start with grenade suicide, then vehicle nonsense, then boss :)
DrStankWang   Poo. PC still only runs ARMA II at 10 FPS. Wish I didn't have to pay so many bills so I could upgrade.
DrStankWang   Oh my gawd BF3!!! Fapfapfapfapfapfapfap
Inverted-penguin   BF3 it's super boring now :(
DrStankWang   Nahhh you just got to play with meeeee Pengu :d It's only boring when we constantly play the objective and do the same things every map. I just C4 everything now
keks24   Derp solder reporting for duty. :d
DrStankWang   Rock is back.
Rival Sons - Keep On Swinging
Music video by Rival Sons performing Keep On Swinging.
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DrStankWang   Lalalala!
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keks24   trololo
DrStankWang   The Killers are one of the best bands ever. Period.
DrStankWang   Last night I discovered that I may have the worst luck flying jets and/or helicopters. Lawlz
DrStankWang   Good gracious, Armored Kill looks so beautiful. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Should be 10,000x better than Close Quarters and it's claustrophobic maps.
DrStankWang   Got all of our stuff moved in, now just have to unpack after work and get that interwebz turned on.
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DrStankWang   It's always a good feeling when you pop in BF3, and proceed to demolish kids with the L96. Sniped 3 or 4 pilots out of helicopters too. Lawlz
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DrStankWang   I need a manweek once I move into my own place. Haven't had any time to myself.
ZERBIW   goodluck WANG
DrStankWang   Assemble the Wrecking Crew...
DrStankWang   When I finally get free time, I am going to thrash some kids at BF3. It's been far too long...
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keks24   :d I'm looking forward to seeing that.
DrStankWang   Having a great time at my new job. Less work, more pay, benefits, and nights off. #Swag
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ad-uk-   living the dream!
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