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Fairy Tale is amazing.
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Crs Q_is_da_q   are you died
Crs Q_is_da_q   yeah ur deid
TacNyanPower   no i alive
GROXES   What anime Show your profile pic of?
TacNyanPower   Fairy Tail
TacNyanPower   How to not be stuck in ELO hell.
The 5 Reasons "Your Team Sucks"
Reviews and more over at http://www.youtube.com/TheGentleman...
kungfu_panda   false. the real solution:

TacNyanPower   Pentakill with Ashe. Only the second time with her too ^_^.
TacNyanPower   "jump" "Q", repeat. Zix op
primehacman   If you use it right, Kha's ulti can be the biggest troll ever. I was being chased by 3 people, ran into a bush, used ulti, ran out into the lane, and they thought I ran into the forest ^-^
Crs Q_is_da_q   prime is bad
Pseudorealism   Pleb.
Brain   People's Law Enforcement Board - PLEB
TacNyanPower   pleb?
Pseudorealism   Only casuals watch Fairy Tail.
Brain   Lucy is also one of my favorites, for a few reasons..
TacNyanPower   She just has big breasts, lol.
Brain   oi, she has keys and other......tits.
TacNyanPower   Some level 30's are just ridiculous.

One time I had 2 autolock adc's and a garen who autolocked. None of them called any position.

Another time I had 2 tops and nobody went support.

AND another time I had 2 mids with no support.
kungfu_panda   XDDDDDDDDD
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh   NEW META -- all 5 are support, Brand and Kog'Maw are mandatory.
Pro Monkey   Jungle Shaco, jungle Lee, and jungle Talon. I was top Jayce and we had Anivia middle. So glad I quit League.
14iCBi   Wuts yo league name nigguh, we shud play
TacNyanPower   TacNyanPower.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh   Suck it, I play Kassadin and love him to death, you unlucky sunuvagun.
TacNyanPower   Hella mobility and the silence is annoying af man
CRorick   Tac!!! We should play some leagues this weekend!
TacNyanPower   Fine with me, I'm free. :) What's your Username?
CRorick   Gamboy46 haha Don't bother looking at my stats cause I play like once a month and I suck lmao
CRorick   By the way I'm getting on here in a bit
14iCBi   who be you?
TacNyanPower   I is Tac
14iCBi   er meh gerd no wayy
TacNyanPower   Yep so wayyy
TacNyanPower   Omg Quinn n Valor sexiest ADC in League I must have
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh   So sexy. There's not even breasts on Valor, man.
TacNyanPower   shared this video...
primehacman   Nothing out of the ordinary here
Sheldon Cooper   guess who has blood moon akali niggas.
TacNyanPower   I do biatch
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh   Nothing like dealing 1000 true damage with a NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.
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primehacman   lol
TacNyanPower   Coming from the person with a Garen main prime
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh   Prime, you're an idiot. Garen main?
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