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Whicked   Great song and video.
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willum1   same as avicci!
Whicked   Because I'm happy !!!!!!
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roozejad000   singing this song for choir ;P
Whicked   Nothing like some Dirtyphonics to wake up to! TURNT IT UP!
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Whicked   Like Zelda? Check this out! She's coming thru my area soon and I am going to go watch live. Can't wait!
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suger sweet   omg shes awesome
HanzBananz   Wow...
I love what she does its so amazing I love the one she does with pentatonix ( Love them too! )
the_halo_637   WOW that was good!! and i don't even like zelda!! she was awesome
Whicked   Blackmill produces some amazing tracks. Love building while listening to this!
Working on the servers expect some noticeable updates coming very soon.
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aislinstar   Blackmill is one of my very favorites.
aislinstar   [link] ---- I will see your Blackmill and Post my Fav :)
Whicked   That is a great track as well Aislin! I have been listening to Blackmill for a couple years now =)
Whicked   LOL! Bring on the Multi-Player mode!
Goat Simulator
Want to experience the goat wonder before anyone else? Pre-order now and get access to the game three days before release. You guys know how this works: once you've placed your ord...
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Mrjjdisco   This looks really funny...
ConManTM   What did I just watch :lol: o.o
Whicked   It's a high score game. Its rather amusing lol
Whicked   Great jam !! Make's me wanna jump outta my seat and dance!
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Whicked   If you haven't seen Excision live with his 150,000 watts your missing out! BASS FACE!
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Whicked   The new Skrillex album in its entirety is great. This is just one of the tracks I can't stop playing off of it.
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HooMan2   love it too. You can kind of hear some k-pop woven into it. Wish there were more bass drops also
Whicked   Currently seeking Java developers for custom plugins / new game types here at MineALot.

This position would require custom plugins development for new plugins from start to finish and continued support of said plugins.

Applications must provide proof of previous work or skill set.

If you have experience and are interested in the possibility of working with the team please contact me.
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Whicked   I know it's just spring time but a little summer time sounds good as well !
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Whicked   The update for tomorrow is coming along and this just hit the play list while working on things! Nice tune!
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Zefrine   Do you like Blackmill? He's one of my favorites :)... Also, Pendulum! But everyone's heard of them... Love me some Melodic Dubstep/Trancestep~
Whicked   I enjoy Blackmill a lot. Pendulum has some good tracks as well.
Whicked   Turn it up !!!
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Whicked   Digging the new Korn video.
Korn - Spike In My Veins Official Music Video
Official video for "Spike In My Veins" Buy the album: http:/...
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jacknut666   Awesome . back to there roots .. maybe ill start to listen to them again .. and omg LOL at rob ford in the videos .. god that will be viral for ever ..
Whicked   Living and dancing for the night!
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