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I used to be avrules201. Now I'm vlahos26.
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greenmarshal   Hi
vlahos26 (avrules201)   sup
oongaang   I don't care what has happened in the past, that is all gone, and nothing can be done about the past. I will always remember the times on EC Jail when I was a stupid guard and you demoted me. I made some bad mistakes in my time as a LostCraft owner, and that is why I will never be able to handle the position of a leader. Well bro, I know that your SAT is coming up(or already past) and I wish you luck with it. If you already took it, just know, that I don't care what you end up getting, you'll always be one of the smartest people I knew.
vlahos26 (avrules201)   Hey, sorry for reading this so late. You are always welcome to play on Lostcraft, even if you don't have a high position from the start. And thank you! The SATs are right around the corner. I'm taking them in January. I'd be happy to see you around Lostcraft sometime.
Xplosion99   vlahos can I start up the new LC Build Team? You know we need it. :d
xirapidxi   I would like to join it
vlahos26 (avrules201)   As far as I know, there is no LC build team.
Xplosion99   So I'll start it up and we (build team) will help out building for the servers. Minigames will need some maps for the games and other servers.
Qman671   sad face
because the actually one is to main stream.
Nikobik   hey dude
Scootz   accept my request. I need to chat u
vlahos26 (avrules201)   Sure. :)
oongaang   Reopen ECJail!!!@!#@#$
CMFK   Its good to see a familiar face. The other LC just wasn't cutting it lol
greenmarshal   Yea re open Ec jail
samkee00   Is the prison server gone for good, cuz I donated and then it went down.
singh1997   hey vlahos remember me?
vlahos26 (avrules201)   looks like ive been gone a while...
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greenmarshal   I don't understand how you got 255 NOTIFICATIONS :)
greenmarshal   Ohh ya remember me
Squish3man   Stop messaging me, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.
vlahos26 (avrules201)   .........
vlahos26 (avrules201)   why the hell is EC outdated?
TheChampTF   Welcome to Utopia (:
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Daqueh   Hey, what?

Sorry I'm not so active here, uses only enjin if I need help for something, what did you want to talk about?

By the way, I don't play Minecraft or tekkit.

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Sir.Chris シ   Long time no speak
GreenGorilla11   Still making NV jail?
vlahos26 (avrules201)   nope
GreenGorilla11   K :o
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