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Vivikus the Vicious. They call me Vicious because I eat marshmallows whole... without chewing.
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Vivikus   I can burp.
ChosenProp   Nice quote there buddy you must be so hard core, i cant believe you can eat whole marshmellows :o your insane man... INSANE... someone stop this man hahaha......... seriously though marshmellows?
ChosenProp   you know what im done talking to you >.> have a nice day sir.

yeah i hope it gets back online, i just want to finish clearing the land for our town -__-
Vivikus   "ChosenProp you know what.... im done talkint to you >.> have a nice day sir.

yeah i hope it gets back online soon, want to finish the damn town already
Just now"

Don't even try your ninja edit good sir... I saw you...
ChosenProp   -___- go home sir
Vivikus   "Every ending is the beginning of another ending!" I forget where that's from...
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