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XCROWMANX   SLENDERMAN strikes again.......
xKevinn   Really? All I can say is this: lol.
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Jack   what happened?
Palm Tree (Xander)   ?
xKevinn   And now I shall be off for another few weeks. <3
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SheepKiller69   NU PLS
❤️ Vaporeon15569 ❤️   :c
ylime7088♡   good.
xKevinn   Popcorn.
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SONIC - Left Sync   mcdonalds
kingbcraft   He's alive!
❤️ Vaporeon15569 ❤️   All hail Kevinn and his awesomeness
xKevinn   It's happened, I'm resigning.

A little back story for everyone, whether you know me or not:

In the early days of 2012, I applied to be a staff member on LegendaryCreate from the Legendary Network due to the satisfaction I received from helping people and seeing how everyone interacted.

After spending a few months on there, I worked my way up to the OP rank and still decided to expand my horizon, so I decided to give LegendaryCraft a go after the previous Staff manager gave me the Super Mod rank on there. I worked for a few months on there, learning the grips of the survival-style server and eventually made my way to Super Admin.

I went on leave a few months later for a couple months, and decided to come back. When I did, there were changes but easily adaptable. A few months after that as well, I worked my way to the OP rank on there.

This was all a time before MineCade ever became MineCade and the whole thing was enjoyable.

I was an early Alpha tester for Villager Defense in which only a select few people were in it. This ran for a couple of months, and it was pretty exciting seeing it change along the way.

I journeyed from there, to a the first VD GM to the first VD MGM, and the whole road led to SCB as well.

I had wish I got in touch with the newer communities I have joined (SCB and The Walls) but I unfortunately did not have the time to do so anymore.

All in all, it was a very pleasant and fun experience and it was great meeting all of you; unfortunately I have to end with the note that I'm resigning not only from MineCade, but Minecraft itself.

I will still come on Enjin sometimes, possibly even the servers, but it won't be a promise.

Goodbye everyone. <3
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LmaoJustin™   Lol
Beautiful Rainbow Seahorse (Mix)   Thanks for everything you have done buddy. <3 :(
JBak   Such a noob. Cya xk
poo756 {Team Mined}   OMG, my GM app has been sent more than a week ago, I <33 all MGM/GMs!
0dUDE01   Change whatever that thing is on the left so it has no OP on LC cos I see no OP tag.
ZekromPhil   #Revivedwall
ylime7088♡   Where have you been nub?
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Firegred   He's high on life
Dare2b   Whoa dude, that's radical!
Awesomeneesminecraft   I applied for GM
[Lord of the Gems] Ohmyland   Your not VIP
Ethan4Games   It could be on VD..
SheepKiller69   Your online the SCB forums <3
SheepKiller69   What server were you MGM on originally?
Yank33s0028 / i_crai_evrytiem   VD.
Seivelath   You seem to be the staff extraordinaire :p
TheKittenKnight   Whats going on with the VIP atm? I purchased it yesterday and haven't received it yet?
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AwseomeGuy123   i purchased it almost a month ago and still haven't received it, which i don't like
Awesomax4501 #PvPMaster   It takes a while, just stay calm and don't snap a table :) teehee
x_Horus_xX   Hi
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