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Briv   yo if anyone's interested theres this sweepstakes goin on for an xbox one and tickets to the superbowl and other stuff. [link]
entering only takes an email address and hey, why not. u miss 100% of the shots u dont take i like to say. and it helps me for u to use that link there sooo ya check it out!!!
Xbox One Tailgaming Sweepstakes
Check it out! You could score one of 10 trip packages to Super Bowl XLVIII or 5 home entertainment makeovers. Plus, tons of instant win prizes. Enter now!
Briv   the quarter in school is ending very soon, so i have a lot of work to do. i apologize for not being around and doing as much work as i should. i'll be back in business soon. please bear with me :)
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shib671   Thanks for the heads up Briv.
CheetooPurdy   Welcome to our site!
Briv   Thanks cheetoo. im from torc and realized i hadnt been on ur site in a while so i checked it out. how u guys doin over there? :thumb:
CheetooPurdy   Pretty good :) Always welcoming TORC members of course! ;)
Briv   Just got BO2 in the mail. Apparently, my dad ordered the Hardened Edition :d
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BeBePro   Plaaaaay
Briv   cant right now. maybe tomorrow, definitely friday and saturday
lamissu13   very nice !!!
ii Be FaLLeN   Do you only use photoshop or what?
pυnιѕнer   Yo, Happy late bday!
Briv   Your first EVER look at me. Sorry it's sideways, my friend doesn't know how to hold a phone. #16 years old
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pυnιѕнer   dafuq
Briv   what? :p
Briv   Three hours until I'm 16 :d i'll finally make requirements for TORC lmao.
pυnιѕнer   lol! Congrats
Briv   Just so everyone knows, I have a LOT of homework coming at me from school, so I have not been on the box for several weeks now. I'm still trying to be as active as possible on the site, taking breaks from the homework :l so your welcome lol.

Also, if you see "Photema" anywhere, that is me. I'll probably be changing my site name and gamertag to that too. Don't google it, because you'll get photography of ema perssons XD oh well. as the name gets more popular, it'll show up as me on there lmao.

ANYWAY! im trying to be here a bunch, and im also Photema. that is all. :thumb:
pυnιѕнer   Can you make another USER TAG like you did for all the Hierarchy.. one that says "Allied Member". IDC what color it is.. this will be for the new allied members from other clans that join.
Nickk Fury   looking forward to our future meeting....
Briv   ...explain :p sry if i shouldnt have forgotten whatever your talking about
Nickk Fury   u are head recruiter right dumdum?
but also to figure out this hierarchy stuff as well...
Hop Away   Sorry for the wait :p
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Briv   yo that is awesome! im never changing my background ever again :thumb: lmao
☣ Ku4Rd @Work ☣   Congratz on the promo brivz :)
Briv   thanks ku4rd :cool:
l XTREME KAOS l ッ   Briv.... need a article/image done for NOSHAZ... special thx for sponsorships, time served in clan, etc... thx bro.. need it by friday if you can, and please post it on the home page for me this time, i may not be here to get it posted... thx again... now get to work :)
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