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Cathy   You. I just realized that we are, like, 50 something miles away from Vicksburg right now. Buuuut...I don't know if you are there or not. lol Not that we would be able to make the trip right now.
Cathy   Josh! Cooooommmmmmmeeeeeee back! lol We need to play soon! :)
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MrAmazingIsGluckman   we gotta play black ops sometime, if you play it, i noticed it in your game section
VTownDix   Man I sucked last time I played BO, but I'd be down to play if we get a party running. I know Mike would play, and probably Mystik as well.
MrAmazingIsGluckman   oh ok nice
MrAmazingIsGluckman   yooooo vtown dog diggitity
VTownDix   Yo what's up Bill? lol
MrAmazingIsGluckman   nothing much man, just been busy with school and shizzzz, i like your shirt in your display picture by the way haha
VINDICTIVFMT   no one has written anything on your wall. now i have. see ya around.
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