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EcLipZe   Yo Im recruiting F/A for a GB team. No Im not starting my own division or leaving TPG just making my own team. I wanna get a group of 4-6 people that play together and get used to each others playing style so we get better as a team. HMU on XBL if your interested. My gamertag is kMx EcLipZe.
Marc of Hybrid   Im sorry i deleted your post about you made a team. You have to be the rank of Colonel to make a division (GB Team) in Team Pulse Gaming. So until you make the rank of Colonel you will have to join 1 of our already established division (GB Teams). Thank you
Marc of Hybrid   So what your saying is that will be running a 5 man squad in side of the syndicate division?
Marc of Hybrid   You*
EcLipZe   Ya thats why I posted for F/A
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