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Meh im bored :/
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Insanegamer236   oh yeah i also got a new headset for xbox :d
Insanegamer236   Soo who wants to play halo with me :d
MRKISTER JR   In response to your previous post :d
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Insanegamer236   HOLY GOD YES!! YOU WIN!!!
Insanegamer236   okay well im grouned IKR well i have been like bending the rules cuz i get bored easily and well i have been playing xbox alot lol and being on my sis laptop xD
Metal Core Pony   That sucks. For how long?
Insanegamer236   Couple weeks now but eh whatever xD
Insanegamer236   There will be trolls everywhere you go ;)
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MLP Spiral   That's why we love and tolerate. <3
Insanegamer236   :d
Jordan (horse)   shut up, background guy
Insanegamer236   Okay returned them both and got dead island ^.^ hope it works
Insanegamer236   hmm i went to the mall today bought a brony shirt and bought Condemned 2 and Halo 3... they both dont work -.-
Insanegamer236   yeah but its still pretty good
dark_heart   Ouch, maybe it has something to do with the disks.
Insanegamer236   it is :/
Brown Sugar   Crop your OC if possible. :)
KoumoriTategami   Here you go
Insanegamer236   OMG TY TY TY :d
KoumoriTategami   No problem ^^
Insanegamer236   So
who wants to add me on Xbox live?
Jordan (horse)   me!
Insanegamer236   Now were best buddies on Xbox xD
Insanegamer236   hehehe :3 i just went through one of my finals >:3 now two more then im done!! well this this part xD
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Jordan (horse)   your picture looks pretty sick :)
Insanegamer236   Hehe thank you :3 and so does yours :d
Jordan (horse)   tanks <3
Brown Sugar   Welcome! Be sure to check out our forums and go to the Events page and confirm your attendance for our Halo: Reach meetup this weekend.
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