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Drakkenfel   Thanks to all for ALL of the Sentinels Birthsay wishes! You humble me!
Volsig   Happy Birthday!
Boromier   dude i cant install age of conan again for some reason can u give me the sents vent info i dont have it anymore and cant get it cus i cant get the game
Drakkenfel   The Secret World Rocks!!!
Drakkenfel   Standing by for TSW Early Access... Countdown is ON!!!
Drakkenfel   Happy Easter!!! Kids on Easter Egg Hunts and lots of great food. I'm stuffed. Time for a nap, so I can be ready for our Sunday night RAID!
Drakkenfel   AoC - Working on Tiger Faction, to Gather Tiger Armor and Mount
Drakkenfel   AoC - Maxed Wolf Faction - Collecting Wolf Armor
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