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ZCD99   Hello.
KoumoriTategami   shared this image...
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Oops   mfw treats.
-=Biohazard=-   OMG DAS SOOOO CUTE!
KoumoriTategami   I knowwwwwww XD
KoumoriTategami   >.< picture ain't uploadin'
MRKISTER JR   Yeah, that stock photo isn't very appealing :)
KoumoriTategami   I know, it's changed now xp not what I wanted but I think the other one was too big
KoumoriTategami   Why does everyone dislike this song? It's not that bad.
Pinkie Pie - You gotta share
I neither own nor claim any other rights in the characters a...
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-=Biohazard=-   This song is the origin of the wingboner.
KoumoriTategami   Really? Didn't know that.
KoumoriTategami   Looks like the site is super active today too! I`m gonna need a fly net soon XD
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KoumoriTategami   holy crap the clan is just buzzing today
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KoumoriTategami   There were official character songs made for the black butler cast but as far as I know Ciel didn't get one. Though this singer defiantly sounds a bit like him and I believe the feeling of this song could almost embody everything he went through. though he was a stone pillar on the outside I think Ciel is a wonderful character <3
Ciel Phantomhive 'Character Song'
Please read!!! The voice does not sound itself like Ciels an...
KoumoriTategami   shared this image...
KoumoriTategami   streaming I think

KoumoriTategami   shared this image...
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KoumoriTategami   I think I just unintentionally recruited someone XD
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Sombralot   Isn't that good? The more, the merrier, right?
KoumoriTategami   unless you're a certain somepony (not you). But yes, it is. I was just surprised because when I got the message on xbox I thought it was someone who was going to poke fun at me for being a brony XD I thought he was joking.
KoumoriTategami   shared this video...
Yu-Gi-OH! Soundtrack - You're not me [w/Lyrics]
I was bored...xD...and making videos with the lyrics of the ...
KoumoriTategami   shared this video...
Azula - So Sharp: The Beach
This is my 250th video so I wanted to upload one of my favou...
myfriendwolf   XD
i'm rewatching this show right now. i'm on disc 4. i love this show so much.
KoumoriTategami   Got volume two of this today over town. I'm so glad Zellers carries old stock!
A Tale Of Redwall: Redwall - Intro and Credits
This is the intro and credits for Redwall Season One. I know...
KoumoriTategami   Not gonna lie, I loved this show, and I would happily watch it today at the age of 20.
Seven Little Monsters - EP01 - Good Morning! (1/2)
The Monsters learn the value of teamwork when they are sent ...
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