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Taz_5991   Pulse how you been. Its Pulse Taz, the old Division Leader to Ps3...I'm back again out doing my own thing..Hit me up some time
SKGN_Reject   Doing great got my own sponsored community, vexgamers.enjin.com. check it out we have a freshly started ps3 team we could really use more help though
RuSki as Known   yo add me on xbox Fair Skyy
RuSki as Known   shared this image...
Pulse Allstar   Which Pulse member was this? XD


I'm one of the Battalion leaders of TpG (Team Pulse Gaming), i noticed you've been talking to worx about a potential merge and i wanted to see that if you guys are interested why not merge with pulse?

Some concerns may be:

- What would happen to your ranks?
- What would happen to your squads?
- What would you have to gain by joining us?

Well, i know that a lot of clans are usually worried that if they merge into another clan they lose their status and become just another member however we have a battalion system which at the moment divides us into which game we play Ie. The halo battalion. Our leader Pulse INaDeM is a great guy we have several admins, so you would be given an admin slot and possibly a special badge indicating that you used to lead RLD. we're very flexible with our conditions so let me know what you would like to see as to ranks,

As for your squads, any teams you currently have going can stay together thats no problem. They would be put under a battalion depending on which game and basically each squad has a captain thats completely in charge of their squad so no worries there you would just have to report up the chain of command.

We also have a sponsored CoD team & a Halo Team as well

If your at all interested in this offer let me know, i can put you in touch with INaDeM or you can swing by our site and check it out.

We have 150+ members at the moment
Pulse Allstar   lol they sent this to RLD waff
Supreme   wtf i the point of giving everyone admin that would just ruin the clan the reason you have admins and leaders is to keep order
RuSki as Known   gonna stay.. and i am here
RuSki as Known   yo i am staying because of fucking Pulse i should have stayed look go on my fucking wall look at that shit that they posted
IllIllllIll   I wish I paid more attention to what shit went on vs you and Pulse... Instead I got screwed over by Pulse... And here I was their most active member and was in charge of their 'pro' team and more.
iNaDeM   You and Worx suck, you guys come play us, dont get happy because you beat a pick up team. Till you play nadem, durty or snaps team you have nothing. You cant even run a site thats why your trying to merge. Thanks for driving your members to Pulse :)
Pulse Allstar   If the feel the need t leave they can like i said i want only loyal active members, as far as worx sucking well even if that was true how would u know lol you never played with or talked to more than 2 members XD

Clearly i can run a website but yes a small expansion would be nice, anyway have fun in pulse ull fit right in with nadem ;)
TeabaggDa2nd   Why the arguin?
RuSki as Known   Pulse Amplify go to hell ur fag jus like the rest of them
RuSki as Known   shared this image...
RuSki as Known   no i can have bigger but sometimes when u have it big the pic could shater but that is a preview
Marc of Hybrid   You need to expand your varieties, You're using the same thing for all your designs.
RuSki as Known   yeah ill fix that
RuSki as Known   shared this image...
RuSki as Known   shared this image...
Supreme   whats this clan your talking about?
Pulse Allstar   [link]
sLeeptroN   more likely were not merging theres no point were getting jipped
Marc of Hybrid   Header idea 1.
Pulse Allstar   i Really like that one
Supreme   i could do a shoutout montage on my channel for you guys but yous would have to get the clips
Pulse Allstar   Do whatever you need to do we just need to start getting videos up
Supreme   what can yous offer me do yous have gfx people and editors?
Pulse Allstar   Both
Supreme   ok im up for it
QUINCYarrow   Welcome to Pookie Clan! Glad too see you're active. Come check us out on the forumz [link]
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