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One Spooky Dude   Thank you for all the welcomes! Certainly seems like a very friendly community here!
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TKO zxwarrior   Welcome to TKO
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TKO Contagious   hey welcome to TKO
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FGxMUFASAx   Sup! Welcome to TKO my friend :p
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I GOT BANNED   welcome
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ITz NEILO   welcome to TKO m8
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AGxRisingDemoNx   Hey, Welcome to TKO.
If you have any questions about TKO, feel free to ask.
See you online...
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Delete!   Welcome to TKO :thumb:
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TKO xX Rich ops   Hello, welcome to TKO. Pick a branch to join by going to this [link] and looking for one. I do recomend you to join this [link] branch if you play alot of MW3, and black ops. =)
rabbid mouse   G'day and welcome to TKO, mate.... If you need any help with anything or have questions feel free to ask. Cheers
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Bombos99   hello mate welcome to TKO
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Darkest Matterz   Welcome to TKO man, if there is anything i can help with to get you settled just ask! If you click the branches page and read the rules....from there you will be able to join branches for the games you wish to play with TKO and get inducted into the community more. :)
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Darkest Matterz   Hi,
please make sure to represent your clan by including : TKO into your
MOTTO on your Xbox profile.

Insignias :(HALO) # 53 Runes Primary White Secondary Steel ..# 40 Display Set to White (recruits)
please remember to vote for us daily by clicking the Top100clans link

REC. by : Top100 Clans


TKO is set up much like FaceBook... you have a profile, wall, friends list etc.
The more friends you have, the more Forums you participate in, the more activity will appear on the widget on the bottom right.
Recruit is our probationary status and as such will last for 30 days or until 5 recruits have been attained. Please become active in TKO by choosing a branch to join. Also, if at anytime, or for any reason the motto and/or emblem requirements are not adhered to, you can and will be dismissed.
Thank you and welcome again.
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