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Anarchist Zer0   Hey, I am going to take on GRFS. Just curious if your interested?
vampyregod   what is it,? ive never heard of it
Anarchist Zer0   Ghost Recon Future Soldier. It's awesome!
vampyregod   i got my wings, i got my wings.. nananananana
XxRAISTxX   I'm taking it you are not supposed to be a "recruit" anymore?
vampyregod   i havent heard anything yet. liquidcourage was going to get with me on socom, but i havent heard anything yet. i think i am just gonna sell out and get mw3. not sure how happy i am gonna be with it, but it was never really about the game, but the team...
Anarchist Zer0   Sounds good. Make sure they are 18+. Do you have MW3 or BF3?
vampyregod   no, i havent really played anything in about 3 years. im not really into fps. i prefer third. im open to try them out, but i think i'd like to get socom going if its not already
Anarchist Zer0   Hey welcome to KO. I am the PS3 leader. Be sure to add myself (LiquidCourage311), Jtanker311, and VariantDevil to your friends list. Pretty much everyone we have on the PS3 side plays MW3. We are working on getting people in for other games.
vampyregod   hopefully we can get some socom players... i might be able to help find a few...
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