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Ryan   hey Xan how are things? i hope ill be back on soon. my computer finally died. trying to buy a new one.
Incinderella   I was also looking for Gwak's account, can't find it. He made one a couple of weeks ago.
Incinderella   One of the three has gone through orientation, one has not, and the third one just joined and I changed her to Munifex, she also went through orientation last week. I have not been able to figure out how to set someone to member also, that does not come up in the list of tags. Must have missed that in the training :p
Dethane   I tried uploading a pic I had of you and Dawn, but the site wouldnt let me....... damnit you broke the site! :p
Xandorius   Hrm Where did you try to upload it to?

Dethane   My pics. Dont worry about it I'll throw it on Photobucket later and post it somewhere randomly on the forums. Bwahahahahaaaa!
Aqusinna   So what are your thoughts on Beta so far? Rerolling panda? I see you as a red female with the long foxtail!
Xandorius   Not really interested in playing a panda honestly.

Though a Dwarven Brewmaster would be awesome
ampdew   btw max level in skyrim is 81, i was wrong >.>
Dethane   On the 360, if you use the Oghma Infinium glitch, max level is 81.5.
ampdew   *fart*
power   i must respectably decline in further involvement with this guild due to my using of the word GAY for offending ppl sorry
Ryan   hey i got wow back up just waiting for my warrior to transder 62 full 60 pvp gear tank and dps gear berwend 2100 gold whaa
nonamae   see im on the sight
Aqusinna   Sigh...I never thought you werea "boxers" type of guy....
Aqusinna   nomnomnom
Nielmally   just dropping in to say.......YOU SUCK.. nah j/k. hopefully ill be back in town tomorrow so i can talk to you guys again. been kinda withdrawing
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Aqusinna   To be fair he doesnt suck all the time....
PiperJane   it was sooo nice to see you on Bru and Xan last night! I miss ya a lot! HOWEVER... I am truly so happy that Rift is getting up off the ground! You fearless leader you! Go Go Go Xan!
Xandorius   Would be nice if he stays this time.
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oktobër   would be nice if xan came back to wow so i had a buddy to chat with....


Xandorius   Well I am back ... sorta. I am only in for social purposes
oktobër   lol, it's all good long as your enjoying whatever your playin
Xennshi   You'll never guess who's coming back to WOW........... His name starts with a T and ends with an M.
Xandorius   *chuckle* you will NEVER get a bubble bath pic from me, unless its me sending you a pic of a hot chick in a bubble bath. :)
Aqusinna   [link]
Xandorius   lol
PiperJane   ah ... the weight feels as though it is being lifted.... as out Inner Circle becomes full/ as well as Magistrates! YAY!
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