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as quoted from a anonymous person that had the plesure of meeting me: he who enrages the dragon will face the flames of hell
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Cleafspear   today, a lot of my family died.... all because of idiot drivers on ice...
Cleafspear   fixed ftbs crash issues. hopefully it stays good
jadednex   Noep. :(
Cleafspear   coolcraft mc is Finally gone... i got the email today that it was deleted....
wow... i honestly did not notice it was still there :/
Tester821   :(
jadednex   D:
Kovacic   :( i miss it
Cleafspear   note to self: HUGE digging machine+ cobblestone generators+ massive friggen storage sytem - disposal x time (1-2 weeks) = only a few billion or so cobblestone

(2nd note to self) build bigger house

(3rd note to self) buy a notepad

(4th note to self) massive "clearance" sell?

(5th note to self) reminder to finish redstone computer in redstone world

(6th note to self) fish. need i say more?

(7th note to self) ---LEVEL 7 CLASSIFIED ENTRY----

my list of thing i ALWAYS seem to forget (including the (-REDACTED-))
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jadednex   Cleafyyyyyykinssssssssss!!!! :3
Tester821   Like back then coolcraft usually gets around at least 6-10 people on.
Cleafspear   More like 10-15 on slow days... Now im starting to wonder what we can do...
codesurfer23   I'm thinking we may have to go to the worst solution possible: Plan Creeper. complete restart, where all we keep is the list of donators.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) xMesszy   DragonCleaf How Many Ppl Go On Ur Server 2 3 4 5 6?
Cleafspear   seems to be maxing to 4. im thinking coolcraft is dying......
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) xMesszy   That Must SUCK ;(
Tester821   I know. I've advertised the server on youtube but still no one goes on it. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE!
Tester821   Hey DragonCleaftspear, hows my admin application going?
Cleafspear   here we go.....again.....
CISPA is Back. - Take Action Now
Last year, Representatives Rogers and Ruppersberger introduced CISPA, which would create a gaping new exemption to existing privacy law. CISPA would grant companies more power to o...
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Cleafspear   im currently testing a new ip adress for the server. please give it 24 hours after this post to try tho. the ip im testing is mc. coolcraftmc. org (our server)
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Cleafspear   me has a new skin.
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codesurfer23   lol. I thought you were on team Cleafspear.
Cleafspear   i just found some domains for sale for like 11 bucks per year. i plan on grabbing them while they are still cheap and avalible
Tester821   epic!
Cleafspear   while im out i decided to learn a unnreadable new programming language called "mindfuck" (thats really whats its called, im not kidding you) and i am pretty good at its use. now to just build a interpreter so people could understand when i write code in it...*snickers*
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Tester821   maybe thats how u got ur headache. from mindfuck
Cleafspear   its actually easy to write. the following code will output hello world : ++++++++++[>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<-]>++.>+.+++++++..+++.>++.<<+++++++++++++++.>.+++.
(also got it wrong. its brainfuck not mindfuck
Tester821   i cant even read that what will this turn out to: +++++++++++>>>>..
Cleafspear   god i have a headache. and i got no cure
codesurfer23   Sleep might help
Tester821   no cure??????????? try a doctor
anthonycav   was thinking of doing a map reset on the next minecraft version release i already have a epic spawn i (i will mail you in game how to get thier) and was thinkin all staff and donaters get a choice if they want thier land copied over, what do you think?
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Cleafspear   the idea is sound, and i love the new spawn.ill grab a copy of the maps before we reset just incase
anthonycav   i got a copy also found how to use filezilla (it wasn't even that hard)
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