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ApoC D3ATH   I like the New Picture Better but the ApoC font is not right and remember big A little p little o big C !!! Like I said before I would like the Destroyed City the far background with the Nuclear Explosion right in front of that and the closed view is of the guns and broken skeletons and skulls and add some shades of dark orange and red to the picture around where the NUKE went off. Thanks Buddy :)
ApoC D3ATH   Maybe FIRE around the Destroyed city as well and cracks in the ground come from the NUKE to the close-up where the guns, skeletons and skulls are :)
Yo Twisty   how u get the logos and its twisty, when can i join nd have that title?
j   I make the logos and you got to sign up for elite team or if you did all ready wait for an invite.
ApoC Nekron   Thanks for the great pick vp!
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j   you are very welcome
ApoC NIGHTMAR3   Dude the logos r so sick man ur an awesome artist awesome job:)
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j   thanks lol ;) if you got any ideas on any new ones hit me up
ApoC BLACK ICE   dude ur logos r awesome,please keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!
j   thanks
ApoC D3ATH   Cool Logo's Buddy, I like them alot :) You must be a Artist ??? If you could make a Nuclear Explosion ( mushroom cloud ) with the ApoC letters in the cloud and rifles and bodies laying all over the broken ground that would be great :) Let me know when you have it done, and Thanks...
ApoC D3ATH   Thanks for doing this, it was a design that FAMIN3, PR3DAT0R, and I were talking about 5 months ago !!! We gave the idea to a graphic artist we knew but he never made anything of it :( IF FAMIN3 AND I APPROVE IT, YOUR DESIGN WILL BE OUR OFFICIAL LOGO :) Just let me know buddy when its done, I cant wait to see what you come up with.....
j   ok i made a quick on like a rough draw
ApoC D3ATH   Thats O.K. but we were thinking in COLOR, more REAL, Dark & ApoCalyptic, with broken guns, bodies, skulls, and skeletons all over a cracked and destroyed ground (think the future scenes in The Terminator Movies) !!!. If you want to put a city skyline, use destroyed buildings, in the distance, that look like they were hit by a NUKE. I hope that this gives you a better idea of what we want. It should look like the Final Days of Earth are here when you look at it ( The ApoCalypse ) !!! Thanks :)
Murglin6   happy birthday
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j   thanks bro
ApoC D3ATH   Who are You, I dont know you and have not received any messages from a member about you. So I cant approve you without a member contacting me !!!
ApoC Nekron   i see you troll
j   lmfao ima troll ;)
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