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Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
RevainHighhouse   dude mumbleee
Darth Viraden   HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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Nelson_MD   Thanks dude
BobaDoom   Hey what's ur email?
Roland   Hi, Nelson! This is Roland. I was with you on the other site but i went MIA to finish up school. I'm now free so i would like to join the guild and get ready for this game!
Nelson_MD   Waiting for tor to release an update...they used to do it early in the morning...now it takes for ever.
Nelson_MD   still waiting...it has been two hours now...9:39...ugh.
RevainHighhouse   It used to be like 4am :(
Darth Viraden   Their probably working hard to finish up the game and release a release date so they cant devote their full attention on friday updates
ADM.Halsey   shared this image...
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Nelson_MD   lol...funny I just saw that yesterday too!
Nelson_MD   Dentist at Eight, and Work at 10...excited for work...don't want to go to the dentist...ugh...
BobaDoom   I literally was just there a week ago...good luck....is it just for a check up?
Nelson_MD   yeah...a cleaning...ugh...
Nelson_MD   Just sitting on my computer, waiting for SW:TOR to release an update! Yay.
Nelson_MD   still waiting
Nelson_MD   Still waiting
Nelson_MD   Got my KOTOR 2 game to work, and I got the mod I had to work! Yay for Nelson!!! :0
Nelson_MD   the mod that allows you to get revans armor!
Darth Viraden   That mod sounds awesome
Nelson_MD   yeah...it is...I will take a screen shot of my character when I feel that he is ready to be shown off...lol...
santisalga   are you doing somthing to the website ?
Nelson_MD   yeah.
Nelson_MD   finished Chapter 1 of me and boba's story!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nelson_MD   Watching Episode 3 while I write boba and I's Sith Inquisitors stories.
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Nelson_MD   "I do not fear the dark side as you do" -Anakin
Nelson_MD   Gonna Play Empire At war: Forces of Corruption...wish me luck against the Rebels, and the Zahn Consortium!
Nelson_MD   wait, I am gonna start bobas trials first.
Nelson_MD   I start my job on tuesday...I should be able to buy the new theme for the website soon!
Nelson_MD   finally back home! Yay
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